Jim Thompson, Silk King DVD–2015 Edition

A feature-length documentary on the life, work and disappearance of an American expatriate, “Jim Thompson, Silk King” explores Thompson’s journey from New York’s café society to his distinguished service in the OSS and arrival Thailand at the end of WWII, where at forty he began his life’s work: Thai silk, art and architecture. His still unsolved 1967 disappearance, which ranks as one of Asia’s great mysteries, is explored in interviews, previously unseen documents and rare archival footage.

Remastered edition with new narration and 3 DVD extras: “Interview with Catherine Bodenstein, 2004;” “Before the Thai House: The American Architecture of Jim Thompson;” and “Afterword: Jim Thompson, Silk King, 2015.”

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JTHouseDSThe Jim Thompson House and Art Collection

A companion piece to Jim Thompson, Silk King, The Jim Thompson House and Art Collection explores the art and architecture of Thompson’s landmark 1959 house, now Bangkok’s second most popular tourist attraction.

The architect G. Taylor Louden and LACMA Southeast Asian Art curator and UCLA Professor Robert L. Brown provide insights on Thompson’s remarkable achievements as an architect and collector of Southeast Asian art.

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Peg Entwistle: The Life and Death of an Actress DVD

Two short films on the life and death of Peg Entwistle, whose suicide at twenty-four was the catalyst for the Hollywood Sign’s transformation from billboard to monument. “A Life” is a biographical documentary featuring interviews with her family and previously unpublished photographs and artifacts. “Last Walk” is a black-and-white short feature about the actress’s fateful climb to the Sign, from which she jumped in September of 1932.

“Peg Entwistle: The Life and Death of an Actress” is now available as a digital download.



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 slide003Under the Hollywood Sign DVD

A documentary on the cultural history and present-day life of a unique urban village, “Under the Hollywood Sign” combines new HD footage with interviews, archival footage and stills to tell the story of Beachwood Canyon, home of the Hollywood Sign. A history of the Sign forms a film-within-a-film, as does the first detailed biography of the actress Peg Entwistle, whose 1932 suicide transformed the Sign from a billboard to a monument. With Laura Archera Huxley, Hugh Hefner and Bill Pullman among the thirty interviewees. (90 minutes)

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