About Hope Anderson Productions

Hope Anderson

I started Hope Anderson Productions in 1999, the year I shot my first documentary film, “Jim Thompson, Silk King.” At the time I worked as a writer, but the life and work of this American Renaissance man launched my new career as a documentary filmmaker. Subsequently I made two more feature-length documentaries and a short feature, all of which are available on this site.

In addition to making films, I was writing: fiction, essays, articles and a forthcoming novel. I also began blogging at underthehollywoodsign.wordpress.com as a way to promote my third documentary, “Under the Hollywood Sign.” Now in its seventh year, Under the Hollywood Sign draws an international following of readers interested in Los Angeles history, film, Beachwood Canyon and Japan.

My new projects are literary–the aforementioned novel, which I hope will be published in 2016, plus a collection of short stories and another novel. Film-wise, I’m returning to my first love, features, with both an original script and an adaptation in the planning stages.

Stay tuned for further news, and thank you for visiting.

-Hope Anderson