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On “Blade Runner”: Four Essays (2013)

In four critical essays, Hope Anderson deconstructs the production design, classical allusions, literary source,  and Japanese cultural influences in the 1982 Ridley Scott film“Blade Runner,” providing new insights into what is regarded by many as the greatest science fiction film of all time. Among the topics discussed are downtown Los Angeles and its architecture, the influence of Greek  tragedy on the character Roy Batty, the meaning of  Japanese cultural elements, and a comparison between the film and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” the Philip K. Dick novel on which the film is based.

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peg-entwistlePeg Entwistle and The Hollywood Sign (2013)

In a series of essays, Hope Anderson explores the life and death of Peg Entwistle, a talented young actress who became the only person to have committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood Sign. In discussing the making of her short film, “Peg Entwistle’s Last Walk,” which depicts the actress’s last hour in 1932; the psychology of suicide by jumping; and the transformation of the Hollywood Sign from billboard to icon, Anderson separates truth from fiction to arrive at new conclusions about Peg Entwistle and the Sign she made famous.

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